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Willbrook Plantation Golf Club

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Don’t Overlook These Myrtle Beach Courses In 2024

As we’ve inched into 2024, it’s easy to look at the biggest, brightest and shiniest toys we have at our disposal.

From those who underwent recent on-course or facility renovations to those who continue to pop up in the national rankings, we have plenty of those, to be sure.

But the pride of Myrtle Beach golf is the supporting cast, so to speak – solid courses that bring something different to the table that have allowed them to remain popular and earn recognition in their own right. These four courses fit the description to a T(ee?). We love what they are all about, and we want to make sure you give yourself a chance to love them, too.

We probably would have included River Hills on this list anyway, but after the greens expansion project has taken fully in conjunction with a massive bunker project, the 1989 Tom Jackson layout is kicking butt and taking names. At least, as far as its place in the local golf market. All the water here is even less impactful on a round, as players can take more chances with their approach shots and find even friendlier results. River Hills was already a quality round. After the past two years, it needs to be on your short list. (11th hole pictured right)

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To a degree, Founders Club has served as the lower-end travel partner for Pawleys Plantation since the former opened atop the old Sea Gull Golf Club in 2008. Pawleys Plantation’s recent renovations probably haven’t helped the divide of late, either. Still, the originality of Founders Club can’t be denied. The vast waste bunkers and target-rich golf give this track an ultra-unique feel that is only mimicked in small portions by other courses up and down the Grand Strand. Don’t forget about the slightly more inland course that helps dot the southern-most tip of the area. (8th hole top photo)

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Even more than Founders Club, Shaftesbury is absolutely off the beaten path along the northern corridor of Conway. We mention that first, because you can take the fact that the 18-hole Clyde Johnston layout has done more than enough to warrant the drive. With seven ever-important bunkers added (2016) and greens recently renovated and changed to Sunday Bermudagrass (2019), playability and – more importantly – enjoyability, have never been higher here. (18th hole pictured right)

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The approach Dan Maples took with Willbrook was a little different in that he front-loaded some of its toughest holes right into the opening three the course offers. It’s almost as if the exclamation point comes before the sentence. Or so you’d think. Smack dab in the middle of one of the best stretches of golf up and down the Grand Strand, Willbrook carries the awe factor from beginning to end in more ways than we can count. By the time you reach the end of 18, you’ll start thinking about a return trip. (Willbrook 12th hole pictured right)

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