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Beyond Price: 5 Myrtle Beach Golf Courses That Deliver the Most Bang For Your Buck

Myrtle Beach has a much-deserved reputation for over delivering when it comes to providing value for traveling golfers, and it’s important to remember value can be measured in terms other than money.

Layouts that aren’t among the market’s most inexpensive can still deliver great value, and with that in mind, here are five Myrtle Beach golf courses that provide the most bang for your buck, across a variety of price points.

● We’ve been banging the drum for Wild Wing’s Avocet Course and will continue to. The Jeff Brauer-Larry Nelson design has the perception of a mid-tier track but punches above its weight. Don’t let the closing of Avocet’s sister courses color your perception of a layout that offers a little bit of everything. Short par 4s, double greens and dual fairways are just the start of the fun on a layout that delights throughout the round.

Arcadian Shores was Rees Jones’ first solo design, opening in 1974, and it’s better than ever following a comprehensive renovation in 2019. Most people aren’t aware that Arcadian Shores was ranked among America’s top 100 public courses in the late 1970s and early 80s and was voted one of Myrtle Beach’s top 20 courses in a survey of area PGA professionals. It won’t take you long to realize why.

Burning Ridge is a win-win for group leaders. The price is right, and the course delivers a quality experience. Sure, the greens are among the area’s smallest, but they are accessible, and the course is always well conditioned. B Burning Ridge is also home to a par 3 — the 200-yard (from the white tees!) 12th — you and your friends will talk about long after returning home.

● One of Myrtle Beach’s great mysteries is why River Hills doesn’t receive more attention. The Tom Jackson design is home to new TifEagle greens and bunkerRiver Hills Golf Club complexes that were completely renovated in 2023. River Hills is tucked away in Little River, but it’s more than worth your time to find this course. River Hills is a quality track.

● Pawleys Island is famously home to one of golf’s most popular clusters of courses; that’s a distinction you earn when Pawleys Plantation, Caledonia, Heritage and True Blue are located within two miles of each other. Don’t let that star-studded quartet overshadow Willbrook, a Dan Maples design that showcases the same Lowcountry beauty its nearby neighbors are more renowned for. Oak trees, alligators and Maples’ creativity ensure Willbrook consistently exceeds expectations.

The list of Myrtle Beach courses that deliver significant bang for your golf travel buck is a long one, but this quintet is at the top of one man’s list.

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